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Freight forwarding company
Logimex is:

  • - High-quality service
  • - Just-in-time delivery
  • - Cargo safety guarantee
  • - Full service

Transportations of oversize cargo:

The majority of cargo engineering is designed for transportation of cargoes with a width up to 2,45 length up to 13,6, height up to 3,1 m, and weight up to 24 tons. Cargoes, that the exceeding given sizes are defined as oversized.

Transportation of oversize cargo requires the special engineering equipment and also approval of cargo transportation scheme on all route. For such transportations, usually, the route carefully selected, considering height and width of bridges and protections, national rules of transportation of oversize cargo in the transit countries. In some countries depending on dimensions of transported cargo it is required not only the coordination with road services, but also support of lorry convoys by escort cars (police, road services etc.).

To transportation of oversize cargo by motor transport to be applied special low-frame trailers – platforms, also oversize cargo are often transported by railway and sea transport or with the help, so-called multimodal transportations when in the course of transportation it is used one or several types of transport (for example: vehicle and sea, vehicle and a railway transportation).

"Logimex Ltd" offers:
  • Development of the logistical scheme of transportation for any type of large-sized cargo (calculation and the statement of schemes of fastening, an order of loading, unloading, transportation)
  • working out of special transport decisions
  • if necessary – installation of the special equipment for transportation of oversize cargo
  • loading/unloading with or on specialized an auto- or railway transport
  • the organization of customs clearing and registration of any oversize cargo