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Freight forwarding company
Logimex is:

  • - High-quality service
  • - Just-in-time delivery
  • - Cargo safety guarantee
  • - Full service


Options of an insurance coverage:

Insurance "With responsibility for all risks", includes:
  • the losses which have arisen for any reason (including theft of all or parts of cargo, Illegal actions of the third parties);
  • expenses on cargo rescue, and also on reduction of a loss and its size

"With responsibility for partial failure" includes losses from damage or full destruction of all or the parts of the cargo which has arisen :
  • a fire or explosion;
  • lightnings, storms, a whirlwind and other acts of nature;
  • damages or destructions of a vehicle (owing to overturning, a turning, a failure of bridges, collision with other transportation facility, its blow about motionless subjects);
  • realization of obshche-emergency donations;
  • soaking of the cargo in river, lake or sea water;
  • Here also included all necessary and expedient expenses on general accident, cargo rescue, and also on reduction of a loss and installation of its size .

"Not responsible for damage", i.e. losses only from full destruction of all or a cargo part (except for losses from damage of cargo owing to collision of transportation facilities among themselves or with a motionless subject).

Cargo is considered insured from the moment of its loading in a point of departure for transportation. The contract operates during all transportation before arrival on a warehouse of the consignee or other warehouse (a storage place) in the destination stipulated in the Contract or the Certificate – the statement.

The insurance sum is defined by the cargo cost price. At will, it can include freight cost, custom charges and the other confirmed expenses on cargo delivery.

As we render services of the emergency commissioner which will examine the damaged cargo, will make investigation, will define the reason and the size of a loss ( destruction) and in shortest terms will give you surveyor’s documents.