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Freight forwarding company
Logimex is:

  • - High-quality service
  • - Just-in-time delivery
  • - Cargo safety guarantee
  • - Full service

Dangerous cargoes:

Cargoes which can cause a damage to environment and to health of people are defined as dangerous.
Automobile transportations of such cargoes are carried out according to requirements of the Contract of the European states about international transportation of dangerous cargoes by vehicles (ADR) and the Temporary instruction "About transportation of dangerous cargoes by motor transport" by the Ministries of the message of Europe. Specially equipped vehicles are applied to transportation of dangerous cargoes having the corresponding admission, drivers besides involved in transportation have training special preparation and have the corresponding certificate, besides for dangerous cargoes there are requirements on packing and marks.

Cargoes devided to danger classes according to classification of contract ADR:

  1. class - explosive materials and subjects;
  2. class - compressed, liquid and the gases dissolved under pressure;
  3. class - easily flammable liquids;
  4. class - inflammable substances and materials;
  5. class - oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;
  6. class - poisonous and infectious substances;
  7. class - radioactive materials;
  8. class - corrosion substances;
  9. class - other dangerous substances