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Freight forwarding company
Logimex is:

  • - High-quality service
  • - Just-in-time delivery
  • - Cargo safety guarantee
  • - Full service


Our main specialization is cargo transportation services by road, including the consolidation cargoes, as well as the implementation of global combined transport of container and general cargo.

Modular cargoes

Frequently in the international practice it is necessary to deliver small parties of cargoes from several kg to several tons. Use of a separate vehicle for transportation of such cargoes usually isn't expedient, in such cases two and more cargoes are loaded into one vehicle – such transportation is called as a modular, and transported cargoes – modular cargoes. In certain cases modular cargoes are delivered through transit warehouses between which constant transport connection is adjusted. Modular transportations allow to save essentially on delivery small cargoes, to optimize truck transport movement, avoiding single run and inefficient use of a rolling stock. By transportation modular cargoes are equally effectively applied automobile, aviation, sea and a railway transportation. It is necessary to notice that development of the international modular transportations in Ukraine and the CIS countries restrains the strengthened control over cargoes from customs bodies and a poor development of a warehouse infrastructure.